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综合报告会:Interface Assertions for Architecture Design Specification







报告人Prof. Manfred Broy (Institut für Informatik, Technische Universit?t München)

  目:Interface Assertions for Architecture Design Specification

  间:2019.04.28(星期日), 10:00-12:00


Abstract: The specification, design, verification, and correct implementation of software and system architecture are after the task of requirements specification the perhaps most important steps, when building large software systems or software intensive cyber-physical systems. Architectures are decisive for software quality, for a number of quality attributes such as maintainability, portability, changeability, reusability, deployability but also reliability, security, and safety. In fact, the design of architectures is a key issue in system and software development. This requires an appropriate concept of component and of interface. For highly distributed, networked systems as well as for cyber-physical systems we need a design and specification concept which supports composition, parallelism, and concurrency and finally real time but keeps all of the general advantages of modularity, compositionality, and information hiding as in object-oriented programming. If the concept of component and of interface is extended to probabilistic properties, it covers also functional quality aspects. We describe an approach to the specification and implementation of parallel interactive real time systems and components and extend it along the lines of established concepts of object-orientation – such as dynamics of architectures, inheritance, and class instantiation – an approach that nevertheless provides an execution model which is parallel and concurrent in nature and supports real time and modular composition and therefore lays the foundation of a software and systems engineering style where classical object-orientation in programming can be extended to the development of cyber physical systems, distributed in a network, in a straightforward way.

Bio: Manfred Broy’s research is in software and systems engineering both in theoretical and practical aspects. This includes system models, specification and refinement of system and software components, specification techniques, development methods and verification. He is leading a research group working in a number of industrial projects that apply mathematically based techniques to combine practical approaches to software engineering with mathematical rigor. His main topics are requirements engineering, software and system architectures, componentware, software development processes, software evolution, and software quality. In his group the CASE tool AutoFocus was developed. One of the main themes of Manfred Broy is the role of software in a networked world. As a member of acatech under his leadership the study Agenda Cyber-Physical Systems was created for the Federal Ministry of Research to comprehensively investigate the next stage of global networking through the combination of cyberspace and embedded systems in all their implications and potential. Since January 2016 Professor Broy is founding president of the Bavarian Center for Digitization. There he is working on the topics of digital transformation and digital innovation.